2,426 Miles

by cnorthcote

Its just a flight away but right now Queens feels pretty far away from San Diego.  I am living in the dorms at St. John’s University and struggling to adjust to life in the Big Apple.  It is a big change and I have been putting in long days as I train to be a Teach For America Corps member.  The long days have left me with little time to get my thoughts in order.  As I adjust with the big move and the start of life as a teacher I have been trying to focus on the fact that TFA is exactly what I had hoped to be doing.  I am truly grateful for this opportunity and really cannot wait to get into the  classroom.  I am so lucky to have so much support from my friends, family and even my new NYC friends!  In the moments when I feel the distance the most I try to remain positive and have worked to focus on Jeremiah 29:11, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'”.  There is a future for me in New York and I firmly believe that this is where I am meant to be at this moment and into the school year.

Speaking of school, this week got my summer school placement, 7th grade math at St. Hope Academy, and I am really excited to meet my kids.  I am also really happy that this week we are looking more into teaching theory rather than continuing to talk about the achievement gap.  Don’t get me wrong, the achievement gap is critical, scary and fixable.  That being said, I am ready to move beyond discussing it and start working to combat it!

Looking back at this weekend I experienced happy hour drinks with about 300 of my new to-be-teacher friends and made a trip with my “dorm” friends to Brooklyn. I got a chance to meet up with Scott, a friend from Oregon and check out a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge from outside of his place in Brooklyn Heights.  Later we joined my new friends to watch a concert in a park, wander the city and eat  dinner.  Oh and I can’t forget to mention that I even rode the subway on my own!  I know in a few weeks riding the subway solo won’t even phase me…until then…

The Welcome Banner at Iguanas

The Brooklyn Bridge

Lady Liberty