One Week Down

by cnorthcote

Today marked the end of my first week in the classroom, second week of Institute and third week in New York. It is hard to believe I have been in NY for three weeks and that the second week of institute is complete. I’ve decided to compose a list of highs and lows for the week to capture the essentials.


  • The first week in the classroom was great and a welcome relief from the days that were previously jam packed with lectures.
  • Academic intervention time each morning is wonderful. This only started on Thursday and it is already my favorite part of the day. I have a group of three students that I will work with daily throughout summer school. We complete a short word study exercise and then jump into guided reading where we search Bud, Not Buddy for inferences.
  • The countdown is getting me through. We chose to create a weekly countdown in our suite. The countdowns only last a week and makes Institute seem much more manageable.
  • One of the nice bus drivers searched for my lunch box at the station, found it and returned it to me. Inside I found just what I had been missing.
  • My class is meeting mastery goals.  Today all but one of my students mastered my daily math objective.  Who knew I could effectively teach 7th graders to categorize numbers?  I am so proud of them and I was thrilled to put a star by so many names on our tracking poster!


  • The gap is scary.  Grading my students’ diagnostic tests made the reality of the gap that much more apparent.
  • 5:00 alarms, 6:10 bus rides to school and 4:15 humid bus rides home are tough. By the end of the day I look like a hot mess.
  • Losing my lunch box was  big time low. The lunch box happened to be carrying my keys and ID card…see “Highs” for further details on this almost disaster.
  • The printing lab and its slow computers that make printing a real challenge each evening.