Take a Break

by cnorthcote

This weekend served as a much needed break from the long days in the classroom. We started off the weekend with a trip to a new bar in Queens, Traditions. You’d be surprised at the number of TFA-ers who were in need of a drink after our first week in the classroom.

Saturday was a busy day. After a little morning lesson planning we headed to the teachers’ store less than a mile from campus. The store was two large rooms filled with everything you could ever need for a classroom. I limited my purchases to whiteboard pens, whiteboard cleaner and a stack of post-its. However, something tells me that won’t be my last visit and that there is plenty more damage to be done.

On Saturday afternoon we took a school bus, something I am becoming oddly accustomed to, to the Boies’ home in Armok. Mr. Boies is a swanky lawyer who kindly invited the entire New York corps to his sprawling estate for a relaxing afternoon. We had a chance to jump in the pool, eat some BBQ and wander the beautiful property. We also got to use the nicest port-a-potties ever made. These bad boys had wood floors, air conditioning and two sinks. I was beyond impressed.

Following our bus ride home we made the bold decision to head into Manhattan. Getting off of the Subway and being in the city at night was refreshing and in my opinion far better than any evening spent in Queens. Don’t get me wrong, we have fun in Queens but something about Manhattan is a bit more exciting. We enjoyed our evening out, starting at a friend of a friend’s apartment and then scoping out the east village. When we finally made it home, around 3:30am due to some unfortunate subway closures, I was beat. It had been a successful Saturday.

Sunday was filled with lesson planning, lesson revisions, and time spent in the copy room preparing for what hopeful will be a successful week!