Riding the School Bus

by cnorthcote

It’s a little after 6am and we are headed to the buses as we walk up a short path and down into the parking lot. Suddenly, we are among a sea of yellow.  Yellow school buses that is.

Every day, my roommate Caitlin and I walk to the three buses headed to St. Hope and scope out the available front benches. Her motion sickness lead us to this desire to seek out the front, no one needs her to toss her cookies.

I have come to appreciate the times when we nab the front seats. The kids in the front of the bus may not be as cool as the kids in the back but there are plenty of perks to being up front.

  1. You are always the first person off of the bus. After a long day, it is a great relief to be free from the swampy heat as quickly as possible.
  2. The ride is smooth. During the unfortunate few times we have been relegated to the back of the bus, I have felt as though I was riding the Matterhorn. I have no control of the way my body moves or who I happen to crash into
  3. It’s cool. I mean cool is relative in the New York heat but being in the front feels just a bit less swampy than being in the back.

Riding the bus to and from school can also serve as a great source of free time. I have used this time to nap, grade papers and chit chat. In fact, I even write commentaries on buses and other blog postings from my email account on my lovely blackberry.

Would I rather not be riding a bus daily? Absolutely. But as far as transportation goes, hopping on a big yellow bus twice a day isn’t so horrible.