Friday, Friday

by cnorthcote

Rebecca Black has been taking up space in my head each and every Friday since I was back in Oregon.  However, these days I can’t seem to get her out of there…for those of you who are as confused as my mother, Rebecca Black is a pop singer whose cheesy song “Friday” has become a hit.

Now that I am no longer a student at the U of O I have joined the world of five day work/school weeks. Since this time Fridays have become a source of even more excitement than ever before. Something tells me this is because Fridays have now replaced Wednesdays as the start to my weekend. Did I mention that I miss college? Because I do…

Despite missing the good ole college lifestyle, I have been throwing myself into teaching and the process of learning exactly how to teach. This week represented my first full week in the classroom. The days were packed with lessons, lesson planning and professional development sessions…although I’m not entirely sure when I became a “professional”…none the less, I have brainstormed a list of this week’s highs and lows to sum up my first full five day week of teaching…


  • Catching up with friends is so refreshing. This week I had a chance to catch up with a few great friends. It was nice to speak to people with which things feel so familiar and to talk about something other than teaching for a change.
  • Using the dining hall to my advantage. I have now mastered the art of toasting my cookies so they are perfectly warm, crispy and so delicious!
  • Convincing my 7th graders that they weren’t too cool to practice lining up to leave.
  • Cancelled professional development sessions.  Cancelled sessions equate to free time to get ahead and take a breath.
  • I got an award! My collab partner gave me the leadership award for our school, I was really honored and so happy. It definitely helped to turn my day around.


  • Falling down the stairs. Literally, bouncing down half of a flight of stairs in a middle school. It hurt but I will say it was pretty funny. Thank goodness the kids had left the building.
  • Not making sense. Some lessons just haven’t clicked and my assessments show that I may as well be speaking gibberish. I’ll be giving these lesson objectives another go next week. Let’s hope I can start making sense so my students can successfully learn their math objectives.
  • Losing it.  A twelve year old made me cry today.  Turns out my classroom management isn’t quite where it needs to be…

High? Low? I don’t know!

  • Killing two cockroaches. It was not on my to do list this week but it happened none the less. It was gross but I was pretty proud of myself. I was especially pleased when I killed one without a fuss as I waited for my students to stand quietly in line.