Halfway There

by cnorthcote

Halfway through the Major Leagues that is!  On Saturday I made a trip to Citi Field to watch the Mets take on the Phillies.  This was the fifteenth stadium in which I have had the privilege of watching an MLB team play at home.

As far as stadiums go it was beautiful but it was lacking something, what that is, I’m not exactly sure.  Despite having good beer and decent food, there just wasn’t any amenity that won me over.  So the standings remain the same and I still think that Miller Park, home of the Brewers, holds the number one spot in my book of ballparks.

It was a great game, the Mets beat the first place Phillies 11-2.  We had the opportunity to see two homeruns which meant we also got to see the “Big Apple” in center field rise up above ground.  We also met some hardcore fans who were eager to share all of their Mets knowledge with us.  They informed us that the stadium was designed by the same group that designed both the Giants’ and Cardinals’ Stadiums.  However, even they weren’t too impressed with their new ballpark.  One of these serious fans was even wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m Calling it Shea”, I loved this shirt and thought of it as the ultimate sign of a committed fan.  The Shea Stadium versus Citi Field clash reminded me of San Diego’s conflict over Jack Murphy Stadium becoming Qualcomm when the company purchased the naming rights.

Overall, it was a great afternoon and a wonderful game.  The only thing that could have made it a better day would have been sharing the monumental halfway point with my dad.  However, I know we will definitely visit both the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field when he comes out to visit.  Maybe then I can buy my typical, and might I add immature, team teddy bear that I use to commemorate each ballpark visit.