A Movie and Eataly

by cnorthcote

It was a scorcher in New York this weekend.  But as per usual, getting out of Queens was a must.  On Saturday, we left our cool, air conditioned dorm suite and headed into the city to catch a flick.  We settled on Friends with Benefits with JT and Mila Kunis.  It was really good, I would highly recommend it.  Plus, it showed both LA and NYC. It was crazy to compare the birds eye views of both cities seeing as I just made the big move from Southern California.  Although, I have to say the LA parts of the film made me miss the ocean and the California sunshine.

After the movie we headed to Midtown to a market called Eataly.  It was absolutely amazing!  It was a giant market filled with every pasta, bread, sausage or cheese you could ever dream of.  Plus, it has four or so mini-restaurants that you can eat at.  We settled on a cheese platter that came with bread, candied orange peels, figs and honey…it was so delicious!  We then grabbed gelato and headed across the street to Madison Square Park to enjoy our dessert.

Finally, we made our way into Chelsea to go to a bar called the Frying Pan.  The Frying Pan is actually a boat, so we enjoyed a nice beer on the waters of the Hudson before heading back to Queens for the evening.  Sunday was our final working weekend of Institute and I wrapped up most of my lesson planning for the duration of my time teaching at St. Hope.