Dorm Life

by cnorthcote

Living in a dorm isn’t exactly ideal after living on your own.  Dorms have a few fatal flaws.  Think about the shared bathrooms, the twin beds and the food.  Oh, the food.  When I first got to St. John’s I thought the food was great, three days later I was officially over it.

However, dorms do have their perks.  I’ve lived in a suite with six wonderful soon to be teachers.  They have been unbelievably supportive and have made this “boot camp” experience so much fun.  They have helped me to become a better teacher but also a better New Yorker.  They have explained the subway system to me numerous times and also showed me that it is possible to travel this giant city with ease.

As we wrap up institute, we are also spending our final days as roommates.  Tonight, since we are finally finished planning, we decided to sit down and relax.  We ordered pizza, a welcome relief from dorm food, and recapped institute.  It has been a crazy experience but I feel so fortunate to have had such great roommates.  They made each day a bit easier and I am so thankful for them.