by cnorthcote

The dreaded August. Since just about the first day I got to New York, August has been the dark cloud looming over me. It has been so scary because it represents and still continues to represent the unknown.

I am currently unemployed for the fall and I have made the decision that no job means no apartment. I’m just too freaked out to sign a lease on the off chance that I am not placed. So that equates to couch surfing, with a few very nice friends, for a bit, all the while hoping a job presents itself!

I plan to start off the month with a trip home. How long I will be there I am unsure because I may have to fly back to NY for an interview. It would be a bummer to have to fly back but I can’t imagine staying in the city, on a couch, a not having an interview during an entire week I could have been home. I think that would kill me. Plus, I could really use a trip home, the transition from graduation straight to teaching was just a little too quick for me.

Come the ninth I will have four days of TFA training and hopefully be en route to a job. I hope to wrap up the month with a long overdue, fun and relaxing visit to see my Nana and Zane in Pennsylvania.  At that point I hope to be an employed teacher with an apartment in Manhattan…fingers crossed!