All done!

by cnorthcote

Its over. Institute is all over. It seems hard to believe but it’s true. I did it!

These past five weeks were crazy, fun, and emotional. They have been a challenge but I am proud of what I have done, learned and experienced in my time at institute.


  • Did I mention institute is over?
  • Closing ceremonies. Opening ceremonies only served to freak me out but closing ceremonies were different. I felt proud to be part of such a wonderful group of people.
  • Wednesday night. Pizza and a lack of lesson planning was the perfect combination.
  • Four of my students met their growth goals. One of these students was my ELL (English language learner) and the other was my behavior management challenge (the boy who made me cry).
  • We watched a video yesterday with quotes from our kids. It was so touching to see the nice things they had to say about us.
  • I have an interview on Monday!


  • Packing. I’m not a skilled packer and I currently have a lot of baggage.
  • The rain combined with the humidity that has made my hair a hot mess.
  • Not getting all of my students to achieve their growth goals. It was defeating to grade their tests and know that we had not met our goal.
  • I was supposed to fly home this morning but instead I will be in the city until Monday evening.  I am so excited to have an interview it just caught me off guard when I found out last minute that I wasn’t going to get to fly home quite yet.

So what will I take away with me? A lot of new teaching knowledge, a belief that classroom management is essential and a great group of friends. I will leave with the knowledge that my students make it worth it. Each student is so unique and so eager to succeed despite what they say or how they act. In talking to each of them I was able to see how eager they are to achieve. My kids made it worthwhile and truly made each day an adventure.