Oh happy day!

by cnorthcote

I am so happy right now!  I was offered a job today (or rather yesterday) and will soon be boarding a flight to San Diego!…well technically I will already be home when I post this because JFK doesn’t have free wireless…

If all works out the way it should, TFA will send me an email confirming the offer from the school and giving me permission to sign a contract.  Then I will be able to look for an apartment and finally have some control over my life.  I know that sounds crazy but I have felt such a complete lack of control being in New York.  A lot of those feelings have come from the uncertainty of everything…a job, an apartment, even a seemingly simple trip home.  But things are starting to look up and for that I am so thankful!

The job is in the Bronx at Harry S. Truman High School.  I will be a special education teacher and I will teach either English or math.  I really liked the school and the staff.  It seems like it will be a great place to work.  Plus, the Principal explained to me that they are very involved with their new teachers which I think sounds great.  I know I need all of the help I can get at this point!