Back in the City

by cnorthcote

I made it to New York, despite Irene’s original plan to keep me grounded.  My mom and I flew to the city on the same day the LaGuardia and JFK were reopened.  We really were lucky we made it out!  Although, I don’t think I would have minded spending a few more days at home soaking up that perfect California sunshine.

On both Tuesday and Wednesday I unfortunately had to leave my mom behind as I headed to the Bronx for New Teacher Training.  It was a bummer to have to leave her but I had a great time at my school.  I met the assistant principals, the other new teachers, and my teaching team.  I also got a tour of the enormous building, which by the way has a pool in the basement.  How cool is that?!  I even got a glimpse of my classroom.  It may look dull now but I cannot wait to make it shine!  Let’s just say I’ll probably spend a fair amount of time in this next week making posters and decorating bulletin boards!

While I was at school each day my mom got down to business.  She navigated the subway system and worked hard to find all of the things I needed to move in to my apartment!  She made my life so much easier and I am so grateful for all of her help.  In the evenings we always seemed to find time to grab a good dinner and do a little exploring.  Our favorite meal was at Shake Shack, that burger and little boat of fries were amazzzing!

By the time my mom left yesterday my room was pretty well assembled.  I still need a few more things but I am just about finished!  I took the evening off from home making and had a little fun.  Caitlin and I went to dinner at her friends’ place and then went out on the town!

Long story short, it has been a good first few days back in New York.  I am really happy in my apartment…I love the location, the view, the cool breeze from the window, the doorman, the quick walk to the subway, and of course, my roommate!  I am excited to see what this year holds, hopefully it will all start off well with a Duck win tonight!!