Was I at Taylor’s last night?

by cnorthcote

Last night I watched the Ducks take the field from a bar on the Lower East Side but it wasn’t just any old bar.  I was at an Oregon bar!  The place was PACKED with Duck fans.  I felt like I was back at Taylor’s! Plus, as an added bonus they served free beer from seven to eight! I was in heaven.

I went to the bar with my friend Lauren and her roommate, Cassi.  We couldn’t stop talking about how happy we were to be there.  Yes, it was tough to watch the game from the other coast and undoubtedly different from being in Autzen but it felt good to be surrounded by Oregon fans.

The loss on the other hand was heartbreaking.  Sitting or rather standing in a bar full of silent Duck fans hurts.  However, I’m sure next week and for the rest of the season that bar will be raging as the Ducks bring home a bunch of Ws.

Go Ducks!