Working Girl

by cnorthcote

I have just completed my first week as a full time teacher.  It has been crazy, a bit of a whirlwind but it has also been really fun.  I like my job and I like my kids.  It is so beyond me that I have my own classroom, that it is mine, and that five separate groups of kids come in and out each weekday.  They go home and refer to me as one of their teachers.  When I think of the weight of the responsibility that my job holds in the lives of these kids, I cannot help but be nervous.  The fact is my kids have a lot to learn and in truth, I do too.  I have so much to learn about what they know and what they need to know, how they learn best and who they are as people.  As their teacher, I want them to succeed so desperately and I hope and pray that I am successful and that I can get them to see how much I want for them and want them to want for themselves.

Enough of that super heavy teacher rant…back to business with this weeks highs and lows.


  • More kids have showed up to class this week than last. So my classes are now beginning to look somewhat full.
  • Pay day!  Thursday was my first real pay day with the exception of my summer spent working at Posies and a million nights spent babysitting.
  • Perry.  He is the new beta fish that now swims in a bowl on our kitchen counter.  He is a very pretty purple-ish little guy and the closest thing to a real pet that I can have at the moment.
  • Internet and TV.  13 days without these classics were tough but thank goodness we have returned to the world of the living.
  • The Hunger Games. Since starting this series I cannot wait for my hour commute just so I can read.


  • I’m exhausted.
Finally, I want to share yet another pretty view from my window and what I found to be a pretty witty ad in my subway car today.