If Pigs Could Fly

by cnorthcote

I’m two weeks into life as a real teacher.  Things have been going well and I am starting to build relationships with my kids.  I hope I can connect with all of them soon.  I want to get them to buy into my class and school!  This week I have also developed an unhealthy desire to get a mini-pig.  You can’t tell me these little guys aren’t the most adorable creatures alive…If pigs could fly I would definitely have one of these babies!!


  • The Ducks won!
  • My grade book is finally all set up online!  It took long enough but it is now fully functioning and up to date.
  • One of my girls is going to come by after school to research beauty schools she may be interested in.
  • Wine night on the roof.  Caitlin and I had a great afternoon on the roof.  We enjoyed our two buck chuck and sampled a variety of hummus…how do you make hummus plural?
  • I finished the Hunger Games series…so good!


  • The fight that almost took place in my classroom.  At least it was just an almost, right?  I can be thankful for that!
  • The fire alarm that somehow signaled the end of the day.  It was crazy and so unexpected and I left my kindle and phone behind.  Seeing as I depend on these two devices, I had to wait, in the rain, until I was allowed back in the building to get them.
  • I missed out on Madge and Betsy’s going away party in Portland.  I was so jealous I couldn’t celebrate their upcoming journeys to South Africa and France.  However, I know that they will both have so much fun and I cannot wait to hear about their adventures!!