Parents’ Weekend

by cnorthcote

This past week I had a long weekend due to Rosh Hashana and my parents decided it was a great time to make the trek out to visit me.  We had a wonderful weekend.  It was so great to see them and share what little knowledge I have gained about New York City!  Here is the breakdown of our week, complete with the few pictures I was able to take before my camera freaked out and then died.

Wednesday: Mamma arrived about an hour or so after I got off of work.  We enjoyed French macaroons from Laduree, a fancy French pastry store.  We then stopped for shrimp cocktail and drinks at a place called the Mermaid Inn.  Truth be told, we were planning on eating dinner but I didn’t realize it would be only seafood.  In retrospect that seems rather idiotic of me.  For dinner we finally settled on burgers in Lincoln Center.

Thursday: We spent our morning doing some more walking and investigating of the city.  Then we headed to the East Side to meet up with Uncle Todd for lunch.  It was so great to see him, it had been a long time since we had last seen one another.  It was fun to catch up with him and to hear all about my cousins!

After lunch we decided it was time to head to Bloomingdales…hello fifth avenue!  Mom and I checked out all of the fun shops and had a great afternoon and evening together.  We ended our evening at Insomnia Cookies for a warm, delicious dessert and headed home to watch Modern Family online!

Friday:  What would a trip to visit me be like without a trip to Target and Costco, right?  After a morning walk through Central Park we hit up the old stand-by stores so I could grab some necessities.  In the evening my Dad arrived and we had German food.  Be sure to ask my mom how she feels about German food…

Anyways, then we made our way to Times Square.  I’d like to add that I would be okay if I never had to go to Times Square ever again.  It is just such a zoo!  Buttttt, that is beside the point.  We made our way to Broadway to watch Brooke Shield’s in The Addam’s Family.  It was unbelievable!!  Honestly one of my favorite musicals of all time.  The story was fun and the actors were wonderful.  I didn’t have the slightest bit of an urge to take a nap!

Saturday:  We started the day off right with what was probably the best oatmeal I have ever had. After our delicious breakfast we spent some more time wandering the city.  I finally got a chance to show my dad my apartment, this was long overdue!  We then went to the 9/11 Memorial.  It was beautiful and so well done.  It was a very humbling experience for us all.

Sunday:  We ventured to the Met where we hung out with Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh and our other famous friends.  Mom and I had some fun while Dad seriously studied the paintings.

We spent most of the remainder of our day exploring the city…Central Park, Broadway, Fifth Avenue and Amsterdam.  We even stopped at a bar to watch the Chargers for a bit! We headed home early and the next morning came far too quickly for my taste.

Monday:  My parents took the train to school with me.  They checked in with security when we arrived and then made their way up to the seventh floor to see my office (also known as my classroom). After a pretty quick visit they headed back to Manhattan and caught  a flight back to San Diego later that afternoon.  It was sad to watch them leave but it was a great visit.

Alright, well that was an overly detailed summary of my weekend with my parents and what I would assume is my longest blog post ever!  I had a wonderful time with them and enjoyed sharing my tid-bits of city knowledge with them!! I cannot wait until they visit again!!