Grease Lightning

by cnorthcote

Every morning at 10:30 the loud speaker comes on at Truman High School. The staff member responsible for the daily announcements always greets the students with a “Good morninggg Truman High”. I immediately feel like I am in the movie Grease and I am at Rydell High. Don’t you remember the lady who made the announcements at Rydell?

Anyways, each day we say the Pledge of Allegiance. It is something we stopped doing at my schools by the time we got to High School. So, although it is a change for me, I really like it. The kids have no idea how much I love America and treasure this bit of patriotism. Although, they do know I want them to be respectful even if that means I will personally remove their hats for them. We are still working on the whole respect thing during the pledge…although it is getting better!

Here is my flag. It hangs on a whiteboard because I don’t have one of those fancy holder things. But I think this works! Plus, I recently put up the words to the Pledge just for an extra dash of American spirit in room 727.