Fresh Start

by cnorthcote

With the start of the new marking period I have tried out a few new ideas. So far I am undecided on how I feel they are working. That being said, I am hoping group points will be a hit and I will soon have well organized, focused table groups! Here are this weeks highs and lows:


  • I now watch the sunrise every morning.
  • One of my boys came to my classroom during his free period to research colleges!
  • I was told I should be on the X Factor (apparently it is an American Idol type show) because one of my kids thinks I have a good voice…he hasn’t heard me sing but he “just has a feeling”
  • I was planned ahead enough to actually relax this week during the evenings. I appreciate sitting on the couch and relaxing now more than ever before.
  • I’m still enjoying the batch of molasses cookies that Nana and I made!
  • I get to have dinner tonight with Nana, Zane and my cousin, Don.
  • Lulu is going to be in New York this weekend!


  • I now watch the sunrise every morning.
  • It’s back to the grind of five day weeks…I was spoiled with the long weekends
  • My class of all boys made Thursday a challenge

Happy almost birthday Dad! Go Ducks! Go Rangers!