by cnorthcote

This week has been absolutely nuts. I had parent teacher conferences and a formal observation in addition to what I feel is an already hectic schedule. On the plus side, I was so busy running around like a mad man that my week seemed to go by surprisingly quickly. So here are this weeks high and low points:


  • We celebrated Sarah’s Birthday on Monday. I swear nothing is better than sitting on kitchen floor eating cake.
  • Ms. P and I rode the train home from school with one of our kids on Tuesday. He loved it and so did we. We took silly pictures and told him of “top secret” plans for our classes. We are eager to ride the five train with him again and I know he can’t wait either!
  • Today feels like the best day ever because I am finally able to relax!
  • I met seven parents last night and I am currently sitting in my classroom awaiting the arrival of a few more this afternoon
  • After parent teacher conferences last night I got a ride home…in a real car!
  • I get to see Laura this weekend!! Halloween in NYC here we come!


  • There are so many rats at 149th street where I transfer trains each morning…they are gigantic and it’s gross
  • I had a mid week schedule change that altered my plans for the rest of the week and my formal observation…it was terrifying
  • My formal observation on Thursday didn’t go exactly how I had hoped but I still got some positive feedback

Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Halloween! Go Ducks! Go Rangers! I hope Texas can become world champions tonight!