Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

Another week has passed and here are my highs and lows…


  • Friday was a fun day. After school that is. It was so nice to relax and have fun with friends knowing I had two days off!
  • Class meetings. I had class meetings with all of my classes on Friday and although some went better than others it was a good chance to talk and evaluate where we stand.
  • Train rides with Lamuhamad. I have really been enjoying riding the train home with my student, he is so fun and I feel as though getting to know him as an individual is helping to focus him in class.
  • Unsolicited hugs. I love when my kids walk in and hug me, it is just so sweet!
  • The Ducks beat the Huskies!
  • Caitlin and I made a trip to SoHo this weekend. We went to C Wonder (Tory Burch’s ex-hubby’s store), got the best magnet EVER and ate at Baja Fresh!
  • The leaves are changing and Central Park is gorgeous!


  • Target Greek Yogurt can’t compete with that of Trader Joe’s. I’ll be returning to my normal staple immediately.
  • There are flies in our apartment. Yes, we opened the windows but I didn’t think they could fly this high!