Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

I started the week refreshed from my Lancaster getaway! This week, as every other week, was an adventure. So here it is, the highs and lows of another week:


  • I had another wonderful weekend in Lancaster! It was great to see Nana and Zane and meet a few of their friends.
  • The Ducks beat Stanford and are number four in the nation!
  • One of my boys thinks it is fun to tell me the Ducks aren’t good and that Texas is the best team in the nation. It is a fun little debate we have going. He always comes in on Monday and says “Miss, did your team win?” I say yes and he asks about the score. The best part is that he always knows the score and just thinks he is funny…I think he’s pretty funny too!
  • The combination of coffee and daylight in the mornings is refreshing.
  • A few of my kids stayed after school on Wednesday and I got to take the train with two of them. It is fun to get to know them when I am not trying to enlighten them to the joys of algebra.
  • One of my boys, Ali, informed me that his favorite song is Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’ and I even got to see him dance to it…it was adorable, he was so into it.
  • I prepared an awesome spreadsheet detailing the needs, accommodations and annual goals of all of my students. I love organization!


  • The trains have been running a bit funky around here in the mornings. I’m too tired to deal with train troubles in the early mornings.
  • My kids bombed their test and only four of them have come to make it up. That’s a double low for me.
  • The state is coming in soon. I learned this last week but it is really hitting home now. We failed to meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind for the Special Education and English Language Learner subgroups so the pressure is on to impress and everyone is a bit stressed.

Cheers to a great weekend and hopes of a Duck win!

P.S. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Not to mention I got my nails done (gotta love gifts to self) and the salon played Christmas carols!