Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

The second marking period is officially over, I can’t believe it!  This week was pretty stressful as we prepare for our JIT visit from the state on Tuesday and Wednesday…you can just feel the tension in the school building, even the kids know it.  Notice that JIT seems to rhyme with another word?  Despite the stress, this week did have plenty of funny moments.  I was told I looked like Kim Kardashian and called mom by accident three times, including one “Mommmy”…that was too much for me.


  • An unsuccessful attempt to watch the Christmas Tree lighting in Rockefeller Center that turned into Wednesday night drinks on the UWS…not the original plan but still fun
  • They put up a Christmas tree in the lobby of my building.  It is nice to have some holiday spirit!
  • I received an awesome surprise care package filled with Duck goodies and warm accessories!
  • A Skype session with Ashley and a round of FaceTime with Jake and Leiah were just what I needed to de-stress after school this week.
  • Friday was awesome…mini cupcakes, cheese, wine, stories about kids and a Duck win…you really can’t ask for much more than that!
  • The Ducks are Pac 12 Champs and going to the Rose Bowl.  This may deserve a viewing of “I Love My Ducks” in my class…we’ll see, maybe after the JIT!


  • Kids can be cruel.  They say such mean and hurtful things to one another and can really struggle to control their emotions.  As a result of this lack of control, two of my kids were suspended this week and will miss an entire week of school.  I also had to write my first incident report…very intense.
  • The stress of the state visit.  There are so many people in the building and in our classrooms trying to get us prepared.  Not to mention, many of our kids had their schedules changed in preparation.  They don’t do well with change so they were understandably upset this week.
  • Grades are due, I’ve got to be ultra-prepared for the state JIT and I have a grad school paper to write…