by cnorthcote

That is what this week has felt like…the word that rhymes with JIT. The JIT is the state visit, the all consuming, overwhelming, super serious, state visit. Today and yesterday we had to be on our A game and as I said last week, the pressure and the resulting stress have been a lot to handle. But as of today, the state is no longer wondering the halls of Truman…thank God!!

Tuesday went well despite the fact that I was on the edge of my seat for most of the day. I only had one visitor and she was friendly and supportive…I didn’t feel like I was being interrogated…I’ll be honest it wasn’t what I was expecting. Plus, my kids were working so diligently! Then today, I didn’t have a single visitor, not even one. It was wild and again, not what I was expecting.

From what I heard around the building we did pretty well…I guess in three-ish months we will know more!!