Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • I came up with a great idea of how to celebrate my birthday…three months too early but I am pretty darn excited.
  • The JIT is over!
  • I treated myself to a manicure and a mini-massage on Wednesday after school. I honestly think it was one of the best gifts to self ever!
  • I went out to dinner on a Thursday, that in itself is wild for Ms. Northcote but nothing beats catching up with a friend over a burrito.
  • Flat Jake and Flat Leiah (like Flat Stanley) arrived in the mail. I can’t wait to show them around the city.
  • I received really positive feedback from my Assistant Principal about the time the state spent in my classroom. It was very encouraging to hear good news. Sometimes, very often actually, I feel like I am not a good teacher so this was nice to hear!
  • Friday I celebrated the weekend and the holiday season at at Lauren and Cassi’s Tacky Sweater Party. Later that night we met James Bond…not kidding.


  • Another pair of suspensions. Only this time the fight took place in my classroom, completely out of nowhere. Not cool.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday…stress central
  • I keep getting my house key confused with my school key and my school key confused with my house key. It isn’t a big deal but I want them to be separate, you know?
  • Eighth period. I’ve reached out for help with these boys and we had a good day on Friday. I’m saying my prayers that this class turns around.



James Bond kissed my cheek…