10. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

by cnorthcote

I get to cross “walk the Brooklyn bridge” off of my bucket list! Yesterday, Sarah and I walked the bridge. We started our trek with coffee on the East Side and then headed to Brooklyn. The walk across the bridge is awesome. There is so much history to it and Sarah had studied up. There are two really interesting building you can see on the walk. One says Verizon on it but is uninhabited. It was used for switchboards but apparently it would be worthless to tear it down due to the cost. The other building to artsy and swirly but I hear in the side that faces wall street it is flat…rumor has it this was a bit of an F you to wall street.

The views are incredible and I am so happy to have finally walked the bridge. We decided that we are going to walk the bridge each season so we can see New York in all it’s splendor.