16. Explore the Holiday Window Displays

by cnorthcote

The holiday spirit is alive and well in Rockefeller Center! Last night Lauren and I went to check out the giant tree, the ice rink and a few store windows on fifth avenue. This was number 16 on my bucket list!

The tree and the rink were great. Plus, everyone taking in the scene seemed to be so happy and unbothered by the huge crowd of people. I was so glad we went but I think Lauren and I both agreed it would have been even more fun in the snow…maybe next year, right?

As for the store windows on fifth ave., I was seriously disappointed by Saks. They had an awesome projection show on the building but the windows were just creepy. They had a creepy little girl who discovers the underground world of the bubblemakers. Although, I will say the bubblemakers were very well dressed. One bubblemaker even wore a stunning Alexander McQueen dress!!