Vocabulary Lesson

by cnorthcote

Just a selection of some of the new vocab I have been learning. My kids are pretty creative and have moved beyond the words I used in high school. Let’s face it, high school wasn’t that long ago for me but I have a lot to learn as far the cool vocab. When I learn new words I am always sure to double-check my understanding of the definitions but I know I can at least use the words in a sentence…well at least I can repeat the sentences…

Wavy: A cool way of saying cool. Ex: “Your class is wavy”

Gucci Good: An expensive way of saying something is good or great. I only have one kid who says this but I always find it entertaining. Ex: “No homework? That’s Gucci good!”

O.D.: I guess this is another way of saying crazy or overboard. It is an abbreviation for overdose. Ex: “That homework is O.D. Miss”

The Cheese Bus: The School Bus. Ex: “Do you take the Cheese Bus”? (Note: taking the cheese bus is NOT wavy)

Mayonnaise and Blue Cheese: The MTA Bus. Ex: “I’m taking the Mayonnaise and Blue Cheese”

P.C.: “Lemme have some of that”…that is the exact definition I got from one of my kids, it was priceless. Ex: “Give me P.C. of your bagelful”…speaking of, have you ever heard of a bagelful? It’s basically a twinky but a bagel instead of cake and cream cheese instead of cream filling.

Wildyn: Crazy, similar to O.D. Pronounced (why-lynn)..I’m pretty sure this comes from a show that used to be on Nickelodeon. Ex: “You wildyn with that homework Miss”

Corny: Lame, not amusing. Ex: “Man you corny with that uniform polo”

Violatin’: Offensive or ridiculous. Ex: “You violatin’ her” (said to another student when it is my turn to talk)

Dead ass: As in dead ass serious. Can also be used to ask if another individual is being honest. Ex: “Dead ass, you are going there after school?”

Long story short, I like learning new words from my kids. Let’s face it, apart from just the vocabulary, they are teaching me a whole lot and I appreciate it.