Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

This week has been nuts, primarily due to transportation issues rather than children issues, and I am thrilled to be headed home for the holidays! So without further adieu, this weeks highs and lows:


  • It’s Winter Break!!! Christmas is in two days!! I get to see my family tonight!!!! I think Mirelle summed it up perfectly this morning when she said it may as well be Christmas morning!
  • The simple fact that I made it to school on time every day this week is shocking but great
  • On Wednesday I got home from school at 3:40. I got a ride, and it was awesome!
  • Acting as a human balance scale in class using grocery bags was great. As was using the random name chooser to pick students to present to the class. My kids called me corny but I liked it and they liked the name chooser despite what they said
  • I’ve got my first grad school class under my belt…woohoo
  • I’m going to catch my flight home! Unfortunately, this was a closer call than I had expected due to confusion with the car service but luckily I have an awesome co-worker who came to my rescue!


  • The five train was way off schedule on Monday. Julia and I had to flag down a sketchy car in the Bronx to make it to school on time. Thank God we made it!
  • As a result of our struggles on Monday, I set an early alarm…only I set it for PM. I woke up around my usual time (gotta love the internal clock) but yet again had train troubles
  • We started a new system with Lamuhamad to make riding the train with us a reward and on Thursday he did not earn this privilege. It was tough to watch him deal with this. I just find myself very worried about him


This is how Christmas tress are sold in Manhattan. You can pretty much find a busy street and snag your favorite fir from the tree man who has set up shop. You also see people hauling them home over their shoulders.

I cannot wait to be home where people put Christmas trees in or on cars! Have a wonderful holiday and of course, happy Friday!!