Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • It was a short week. Hallelujah!
  • The Ducks won the Rose Bowl. Not only was that in itself awesome but it was too good to watch one of my students run into my room so excited to tell me the Ducks “won the Super Bowl”
  • Fifth period visitors. I have a few boys who come visit me during their lunch period, they are so sweet and are definitely a bright spot in my day
  • The “gift” I received. One of my boys gave me a picture of dead ducks (see below). It sounds horrible but it was funny…it was also oddly sweet and he is an LSU fan so it made sense…kinda
  • Reading. I’m returning to reading on the subway! May I recommend Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?and, an all time classic, The Giver
  • Reeses. I walked into Julia’s room and said “today was a bad day” to which she replied, “reeses?”…it was exactly what I needed


  • I ate it running up the stairs to catch the Manhattan bound train home. Awesome.
  • Thursday…wow.
  • Weather in the teens. Are you kidding me?