13. Explore the Chelsea Market

by cnorthcote

Another item checked off of the list!

I made it to Chelsea this weekend and I was smitten! The entire area was so neat, it had lots of cute shops and cool restaurants. But the best part of the adventure was stumbling upon the Chelsea Market. It was filled with beautiful, delicious, fresh foods and had charming gift shops and book stores.




I also made a great purchase while at the market. I bought a deck of cards, but not just any deck of cards…The Bar and Lounge deck of cards!

So, here is how it works: Each card is a ten dollar gift card to a bar. A few of which are bars I already go to. Thats $520 worth of booze!

On one of those “what should we do?” kind of nights we can simply pick a card, any card, and we will suddenly have a plan! Brilliant, right? Plus, they are classified by neighborhood and give the address as well as a quirky little description. Awesome.

Caitlin and I tried it out on Sunday and it was a huge success. We went to a place we wouldn’t typically have gone to and had a great time, great food and great beer.