Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

My goal was to stay positive this week. I set the background of my phone as an inspirational quote and tried to keep by face towards the sun all week long! I think this positive attitude made my week better. So, here they are, my highs and lows of the second week in January:


  • The Tuesday morning shame of an LSU fan, “but Miss, I was cheering for Alabama”…lies!
  • Help from my Assistant Principal has been great. My lessons and worksheets have really been improving with her help. It’s good for me and good for my kids!
  • The sunrises have been so pretty this week!
  • My mom is visiting this weekend!!! Barbara Titus becomes a New Yorker this weekend!!!


  • “Miss, are you tired?”, to which I replied “no, do I look tired?” and my student followed with “you look high”…well thanks
  • “I can tell when you are stressed because your bangs look sweaty and your hair sticks to your forehead”…cool

On a completely different note, I really want a tan French Bulldog just like this little guy. I know it isn’t happening anytime soon but just in case, I have been brainstorming names. He will be called either King or Brûlée (Bru for short). Isn’t he precious?