Mom’s Weekend

by cnorthcote

Although it was not like Mom’s Weekends from my DG days, I had a wonderful long weekend with my mom. We did a ton of exploring despite the freeeeezing temperatures.

We checked out SoHo, Chelsea and Union Square. We also spent some time on both the Upper East and Upper West sides of Manhattan. And of course, we went to Shake Shack…mmmmm!

We even took the train out to New Jersey where we saw my mom’s childhood best friend, Karen. It was so fun to see her family, they were all so kind and welcoming. It was also fun to watch my mom pick right up where she had left off with her friend…they even called her Julie Jones, too funny!

Mamma and I also made an attempt at watching the Today Show live from Rockefeller Center very early on a very cold Monday morning. I made a sign for each of us to take with us as we aimed to make our television debuts. My sign said “Ann, I’m a Duck” and my mom’s sign read “Steve is my husband but Matt is my man”…mom refused to take her clever poster with us…However, this ended up to be just fine because we heard the heartbreaking words “Matt and Ann have the morning off”…I guess we’ll have to try again another time!

All in all, it was a marvelous weekend. It was relaxing and so much fun. I just love having visitors! Although, I will say, it was tough to get back to work this morning!