Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

Regents week!!!!!!!!!!

The Regents are New York statewide exams. Students must pass Regents tests in core subject areas in order to graduate with a legit diploma. So, it is a pretty high pressure week for the kids and teachers too. But, that being said, we only had kids in class on Monday! That means I didn’t need to write lessons for four days!!


  • Itisregentsweek!!! It is typed like that because it is said loud and girly
  • I got to see people and do things on weeknights…I’m talking dinner and drinks!!
  • I got to sleep in on Thursday and Friday!! I worked the later shift and the extra sleep was life changing
  • I’m feeling more like a part of the math department. Despite the fact that grading was a bummer I liked getting to know the other teachers better
  • Mirelle got ten of her students to pass the living environment regents. This is big news! They all have special needs and had failed the test at least one time prior
  • I got to FaceTime with Jake and Leiah…so fun


  • Hours upon hours of grading. I’m talking an entire day of work where I only looked at questions 32, 38 and a few exams with number 39. I’ve had about enough of math problems dealing with sandwich combinations and yellow flowers
  • It is a bit on the scary side leaving work around five but on the bright side I found two lucky pennies