Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

This week was the first week of Spring Semester at Truman High. For yours truly this new semester brought with it a few significant changes. I no longer teach my tenth graders and instead have a fresh batch of juniors and seniors to educate on the world of financial algebra…in other words taxes, credit, banking…stuff I know sooooo much about, right?

Here are the highs and lows for the first week of the Spring 2012 Semester:


  • Content support. I like being told what to teach and given resources
  • The original coffee cart man is back and despite the fact that I don’t buy coffee from him he always greets me with a cheery “good morning, my friend!”/li>
  • Some of my tenth graders have come by to tell me they miss me and say cute things like “but I want you to be my math teacher”
  • Being told I look “vulnerable” by a student. The comment itself wasn’t great but it was just such a funny conversation. I was also advised by this student to take self defense classes…just as a side note, he is smaller than me
  • My principal came to my room and seemed pleased. I like when she is pleased!
  • I had an excellent Friday, complete with a manicure, cupcakes and a night on the town


  • The math department is out of paper and almost out of ink. The SPED copier is broken…yikes
  • I miss my tenth graders
  • My kindle won’t turn on…moody little thing
  • I no longer have a common lunch period with Mirelle. My lunches are very lonely now

Happy Superbowl Weekend! Go Giants!!