Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • The Giants are Super Bowl champs! You should have heard the excitement, it was sheer joy all over the neighborhood
  • Caitlin gave me an early valentines day gift. It was a lot of candy, and I ate it, all of it. Such a healthy dinner
  • Sarah ran across town on Tuesday to say hello, it was a very welcome surprise
  • I came home on Wednesday to a box of delicious candy from Nana and Zane. Such an exciting valentines day treat
  • Wednesday was über productive. I haven’t felt so successful in one school night in practically forever
  • I actually really like my C-6, aka hall duty. I can walk (six laps is a mile) and I can do grad school reading. Plus, all of the school aids are so sweet to me and the students from the autistic unit give me high fives


  • Monday was awwwwful. Yuck, yikes, gross
  • I was invited to see Chadwick Bell during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I had to decline the offer…heartbreaking
  • My kids don’t know how to deal with their emotions all of the time. As a result they sometimes make the wrong choice. I realize this doesn’t make sense without the context but it’s just too much to explain