Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

It’s officially winter recess. After this week, I am very thankful for a break. I have a lot to look forward to during this week of vacation! Here are my highs and lows for this Valentine’s Day week:


  • I had a formal observation this week and it went pretty well…thank goodness!
  • My Valentine’s Day cookies were “dumb good”
  • I’m leaving for Kate’s bachelorette party tomorrow morning! Mardi Gras, here we come!!
  • When I leave the Big Easy I will head to California for a few days of R&R/lesson planning at home
  • I love Netflix. I highly recommend Friday Night Lights.  Plus, Matt Seracen and Tim Riggins are pretty easy on the eyes
  • We finished up our cookies unit today!  To make the conclusion of this unit a bit spirited I put a picture of the Cookie Monster on the worksheet.  Upon seeing this, one of my students said, “Miss, Cookie Monster is my homeboy, he’s the only crip I like”…
  • My method of texting the parents of some of my craziest students is starting to pay off!!!


  • Wednesday was a challenging day. Below you can see Julia, Mirelle and my expressions as we journeyed home from work. Okay, they may be a little bit exaggerated…but just a little…
  • I was told by a students to suck his (you can fill in the blank)…all this after a simple request to take off his hat