Highs and Lows: Winter Recess Edition

by cnorthcote

I love Winter Recess. It was such a treat to have a full week off, not to mention the perfect timing! The timing was just ideal for my cousin’s bachelorette weekend and for beautiful sunny San Diego weather! This week has no lows, although at this point I can’t say I’m excited to go back to work. None the less, here are my highs for Winter Recess:


  • Hanging out with my cousins at Mardi Gras. It was so fun to see them and to experience the craziness together
  • Green Flash Brewery. Dad and I loved this place. The beers were great and it is pretty close to home…so awesome
  • The beach! Can you believe it, beach weather!? Okay, so I didn’t go sunbathing but Mom and I went to Coronado and walked the beach. It was gorgeous and without a doubt one of those “I love San Diego” moments
  • The people! I got to see so many wonderful people during my quick visit and I am very grateful!
  • Mardi Gras beads and children is a winning combination. Jake and Leiah were very excited about their gift
  • I got birthday cake at home! Jake and Leiah helped me blow out the candle, I love those babies!
  • George and Gracie….I love those chubsters, best kitties around