Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

Oh what a week it has been. A marking period has ended, a grad school class has ended and I’ve come to the conclusion that being a first year teacher sucks. Excuse my language but it can just be so hard! So here they are the highs and lows for this week:


  • My kids can be so freaking sweet. They may say mean things but sometimes they let you know how much they appreciate you and I like those times
  • I bought a few of the first Hunger Games books after hearing some of my juniors and seniors had “never read a book cover to cover” and they actually wanted to borrow them!
  • Mirelle surprised me with cupcakes and a sweet note. It was the perfect treat at the end of a rough week
  • I tried octopus…crazy, I know
  • I’m off to see Nana and Zane for a quick visit and a break from the city


  • My fish, Perry, is on his last leg
  • I should not be allowed to drink espresso. I can’t handle shaky hands
  • I somehow managed to get three paper cuts…three…really?
  • I’m going through some changes as far as the way I plan at work and although the changes are great and will be beneficial they are leaving me overwhelmed

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day and have a wonderful weekend!