Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

Spring Break! How many careers have spring break? Not very many, right?! I’m so happy it is officially Spring Break and that I will soon be heading home to spend Easter with my family for the first time in a number of years. This week was a good one, so here they are, this week’s highs and lows:


  • Spring Break!
  • The week seemed to fly by!
  • Bill Cosby was right, kids do say the darndest things…
  • I got rollerblades! I’m already improving my skating skills and having so much fun blading. Plus, it’s pretty nice to be able to skate along the Hudson River
  • I’m planned ahead which means I don’t have too much work to do in San Diego
  • We went out for Mirelle’s birthday last night and had so much fun. Going out on a Thursday…so crazy!


  • The school building is freeeeezing! I’ve been teaching in my down jacket…so not normal/li>;
  • “Miss, is that a weave?”…nope, that’s just my hair…
  • “Miss, you sweater looks like a robe”…wow, I feel good about myself…