Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

The school year is winding down. It sounds crazy but it is true, we only have 25 teaching days left before Regents Exams begin. This week was an interesting one, it went by fast and slow all at the same time.


  • “Bosses wear horses”…I guess my horse print blouse was a hit
  • Mirelle surprised us with “little things”
  • My seniors got themselves in gear and most of them have earned a passing grade. Notice I said earned!
  • I ordered Mexican food. I rarely order out and I rarely eat Mexican food so this was thrilling
  • I got to talk to my friends who were together in Eugene. It was so great to talk to them but it made me miss them even more


  • My waterproof jacket turned out not to be so waterproof…lesson learned…the hard way
  • I treated myself to a GTS manicure, only to smudge it horribly within a few minutes of leaving the nail place
  • I had a pretty extensive grad school paper to write and I felt as though it was hanging over my head for most of the week