Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

The countdown is on, just 20 teaching days left in my first year…wow. This week had plenty of highs and lows but was somehow a bit more calm. I’m not sure how or why but I’ll take it!


  • “Miss, you’re buggin in your striped tee”…the comment itself was hilarious and the conversation that ensued was awesome
  • My AP of Special Ed surprised us all with little gifts to celebrate teacher appreciation week
  • We went out on Thursday after grad school to celebrate the end of the semester. While we were out we noticed the pencil laying in the middle of our circle…I swear this would only happen to teachers
  • I was hugged and wished a happy mother’s day by my kids. Despite the fact that I am not a mother it was sweet
  • We played Jeopardy and it wasn’t a huge disaster and in fact it was kinda fun
  • I made muddy buddies….mmmmm, so yummy
  • The roof deck on my building is now open. Hello, sunshine and writing lesson plans outside!


  • On Monday I had seven (yes, seven) visitors to my classroom. That is so many people to have watch you teach in one day…wowza
  • Teaching in wet Toms isn’t all that pleasant…the rain got the best of me
  • The weather was rather crummy and I didn’t get to rollerblade until today, although that I am thankful for!
  • The train station where I transfer was really, really smelly on Friday morning