Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • I got bananagrams! It’s an awesome game and I plan to get good at it this summer
  • I have some truly incredible co-workers. They are so supportive and I really appreciate their kindness
  • I have discovered the most amazing scones ever
  • The weekend weather is gorgeous and I spent some time enjoying the sunshine the roof of my building
  • We played some awesome car games on the way home from work on Friday


  • I cried on the train. How I Met Your Mother says this makes you a New Yorker, I say it just makes you pathetic
  • “Miss, you look tired”
  • I heard a faint coo-ing only to discover a pigeon in my classroom. On the bright side it followed my directions the first time I told it to leave
  • This was one of my worst weeks of the entire year. I am struggling