Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

Ten teaching days remain…holy guacamole! And of those ten days, there is no longer even a full five day week…this mind blowing!


  • Julia convinced our kids that I am 43 years old…they believed her wholeheartedly. The were so confused by the fact that I “look 25” but I am apparently super old. The comments were fantastic…”you graduated from college so long ago” and “you are so much older than my mom”
  • I purchased the most patriotic pair of shoes ever made. So prideful
  • On GQ day (it was spirit week) one of my kids told another student that he couldn’t hear him over the sound of his stocks rising
  • I got to watch the Padres play the Mets! We lost but it was still fun to watch my favorite team take the field
  • It’s Memorial Day Weekend…three days of sweet freedom!


  • I somehow turned off my workday alarm over the weekend and overslept on Monday. Only after an expensive cab ride did I made it to work. It wasn’t an ideal way to start the week but I’m thankful I arrived before the bell
  • I saw a little mouse scurrying around my classroom. I’m sure he is harmless but that is just gross!
  • Grad school summer session one just started, six weeks of intensive courses…yuck
  • It is Memorial Day Weekend, aka, my favorite weekend ever when I was in college…Shasta…