Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • I got a chance to go out for a mid-week happy hour! It was so nice to see my friend and hangout by the Hudson
  • After a Regents Exam Scavenger Hunt, my kids are feeling a bit less terrified of their upcoming test
  • I was finally put in my grad school class…time to play catch up!
  • I won about 100 bucks in a 50/50 raffle!
  • I saw Sarah Jessica Parker!!!
  • TFA’s Second Year Summit was pretty great and it was so fun to see so many good friends all in one place


  • I got to the Fordham bookstore to pick up a required book at 4:01…they close at 4:00
  • My classroom is way too chilly
  • It is hitting me how much I’m really going to miss my kids