Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

Better late than never…right?


  • School is out!
  • It was awesome to watch our seniors graduate. It was cool to see how accomplished they felt and you could just see how proud their families were of them
  • We celebrated our freedom with a night on the town and a wonderful late night trip to the diner
  • We spent the first beautiful day of summer vacation lounging in the park. Seriously though, why were there so many people in the park on a weekday? Not everyone has summer off, right?
  • I go home tomorrow! I get to be home for the Fourth of July!


  • I got sick, like sleep all day, can’t get up, exhausted, sick. Thank the Lord for drugs, I feel a million times better
  • My computer lost its wits and I had to have the hard drive cleared. Big time bummer
  • Steve Madden gave a not so hot speech at graduation…did you catch that? Steve Madden spoke at graduation…odd, isn’t it?