The Fourth of July

by cnorthcote

It is clearly the best holiday of all time. In case you aren’t sure that you agree, I’ve composed a list of the many reasons the fourth is a fantastic holiday:

  1. Scripps Ranch hosts an awesome party
  2. The beer garden is open and it is a giant reunion
  3. The beer garden is open and there is free beer
  4. The beer garden is open and it somehow manages to make drinking beer early in the morning socially acceptable
  5. The weather is a perfect seventy five degrees on the fourth just about every year
  6. The people are fantastic. I personally got to see many wonderful people that I had really missed
  7. Food is always BBQed on the fourth
  8. Swimming pools are awesome and ready for swimming. Not to mention, in my case I get to swim with my favorite niece and nephew
  9. Everyone wears red, white, and blue and other patriotic apparel
  10. Fireworks are great
  11. Country music is the preferred music genre of the day
  12. It is America’s birthday!!!!