Hair Tie Extravaganza

by cnorthcote

My friend Becca provided me with a little bit of inspiration when she shared a picture of the supplies she was using to make hair ties. Becca kindly informed me of what supplies I would need and where I could get them so I quickly got to work DIY-ing!

In order to make your own hair ties all you need is fold over elastic and a pair of scissors. I went to Mood Fabrics (as seen on Project Runway!) to get my elastic but it can be easily and inexpensively purchased on etsy or from bitsybands. I’m now even considering purchasing some glittered elastic online to bump up the wow factor of my hair ties!

I purchased 1 yard of 5 different colored elastics at a grand total of $6.75. I then cut each yard into 4 pieces and finally I simply looped and tied the elastics. That means I made 20 hair ties and they cost just under 34 cents a piece. If I had purchased these beauties at Anthropologie, they would have been more than $2 each. Now, tell me that isn’t a bargain!