A Love Letter to Trader Joe’s

by cnorthcote

Dear Trader Joe,

I want to start by thanking you for taking up residence in New York City. You are in fact the only grocery store that I have ever shopped at since I began cooking my own meals upon leaving the loving confines of 1584 Alder Street. From the very beginning you have always given me good deals and superb food.

I find that when the topic of grocery stores comes up, I am endlessly singing your praises. You have introduced me to a number of products that I am positive I could not live without, namely crunchy curls and greek yogurt. You also staff a number of effervescent, enthusiastic crew members. With the exception of one slightly creepy incident in Eugene, I have loved chatting with your crew members during checkout. Do you require that they chat it up with each and every customer? I’ve wondered this for quite some time.

While I have the pen to paper (or rather keyboard to computer screen) I would like to compliment your eye for aesthetics. I have been in a number of your retailers nationwide and I always find myself impressed with the look that you have so carefully crafted. You embody each and every community that you inhabit. For instance, in my San Diego hometown you have the local high school mascot adorning the walls. In Eugene, Oregon you capture the community’s love of the University of Oregon and the title of Track Town in your artwork. Finally, in NYC, you capture the city vibe with the transportation themed art and a play on words with theatre posters.

Joe, you create a welcoming atmosphere that I cannot get enough of. For this reason, each and every week I visit you in this busy city. Thank you for expanding my palate and helping me to pinch pennies. I love you and look forward to seeing you again very soon.

All my love,
Your Secret Admirer

P.S. I have detailed my eight favorite products below. Please note that it was quite challenging to limit this list to just eight.

  1. Powerberries. The perfect dose of chocolate for this chocoholic
  2. Organic Vodka Sauce. I feel this is best paired with the little hat shaped pasta noodles
  3. Organic Shells and White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese. So, so good. Plus, I feel like it has to be better for you than other boxed Mac n’ Cheeses, right?
  4. 0% Greek Style Nonfat Yogurt. I eat this for lunch every single day, I pair it with some honey and I’m all set
  5. Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Phenomenal
  6. Arugala Pizza. Easy, delicious, and really good out of the fridge the next morning
  7. Black Bean. Only 89 cents..chaaa chinggg
  8. Crunchy Curls. I can actually eat an entire bag in one sitting, trust me, I’ve done it

P.P.S Thank you for also having a wine store