Move It

by cnorthcote

The time has come for me to move. Luckily, I get to move in with my friends, Alysa and Sarah! It will be a transition to move across the park but I am definitely excited. I am sad to leave the west side but eager to get to know the east side of town.

I will miss a number of things about the Upper West Side, including:

  • Living with another redheaded named Caitlin
  • The beautiful view of the Hudson River that I had the privilege of seeing each and every day
  • The oddity of living on the 13th floor
  • The convenience of having a doorman
  • The men who work at the gas station and the flower stand who always say hello
  • The cats that lived at the car rental shop
  • The Europan up the street that satisfied my craving for toasted french bread and butter
  • The Trader Joe’s that was just one express subway stop from my place
  • Riverside Park and the path that runs along the Hudson

That being said, I am looking forward to living on the Upper East Side for many reasons, including:

  • Living with Sarah and Alysa
  • The shorter commute to and from work…Hallelujah!
  • The close proximity to a Shake Shack
  • The close proximity to two movie theaters
  • The close proximity of a number of retail stores…maybe this actually isn’t such a good thing…
  • Lower rent payments
  • The private balcony that will be right off of my new living room
  • Living just three express stops from Union Square
  • The Trader Joe’s will now be just three express stop from my place but this one also has a wine store!
  • The Fairway Market that will be literally right across the street