Beyond Chobani

by cnorthcote

Greek Yogurt is one thing I am absolutely crazy about. I just love the stuff. So when Chobani opened up a storefront in SoHo, I knew I had to give it a try.

I found it funny upon entering the Chobani yogurt store to be handed a menu of the options. The Chobani store isn’t like a typical yogurt shop in that you don’t just pick your toppings individually, they have set menu items for you to pick from. The unusual creations on the menu gave me a bit of a scare at first. I had never even considered putting cucumbers and olive oil in my Greek yogurt but, I felt good about all of the options that included fruit.

For my first visit (but surely not my last), I tried something a little on the tame side and I loved it. I opted for toasted coconut and pineapple and I was in heaven…maybe next time I’ll try out the cucumber and olive oil…maybe. Would you ever added olive oil to your Greek yogurt?